I Loved Only Once, And That Will Never Die

How many times do true love comes around? I believe you only love once and the rest are near hits. When I talk about love, I am not talking about those times you really liked someone and end up spending over a decade tied into a relationship that later turns sour. Loving once means that the yard stick was laid out and everything else will be measured by it. I may not talk about it, but is there in the back of my mind, swimming among the memories. How do I know it was true love? How else do you explain a trip to heaven? Missing someone every moment, where you want to become one. Being inside and not wanting to come out, getting lost in the delight of the moment.


Her name was —-. Light skin, brown eyes, young and full of life, just as I was, too young to see the implications of loving someone. We talked, laughed, we touch and the spark began. Making love was the ultimate experience, savoring her nectar of pleasure, feeling every inch of her insides, and wanting to move in her for eternity. There was no sleep as I watch her, wanting to imprint her image with the fire of desire. And I felt she would be there forever…

“I am sorry”, she said as my world came crashing. How long it has been? Many, many days has passed since that day, but you see, the image still in there, imprinted until, the day I die. Such a thirst for more, for that connection that we desperately look for and never find again. I am older now, hope is but a diminishing light and other things now occupy my time. But once in a while I go back and take a peak, can’t remember heaven, only an image of a girl that took my heart and never return it. I am fated for life, you see, as I only loved but once, and once I went to heaven.



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