A New Beginning – Happy New Year 2012

So its a last day and the year is over.. and there is no going back.. no rewrite no do over… So I decided to sit down and do a review… I noticed I wrote more here… which like I have said I should write daily.. pick a topic a question or just sit and write date it and post it when I can.. There was a 5 things that I didn’t write at all.. but once I started I wrote at least once if not more a month.. and I noticed that each blog was about a fight with Him.. so that speaks volumes..


I noticed the less we fought the less I wrote.. but I am sure there were times that I could not just sit and type out my feelings… so in that respect it makes the year look like it was horrid.. Granted the year was a pain.. there were ups and downs.. and a lot of them.. but that is life.. I am sure that others have had it WAY worse.. and I feel bad for them..

Without looking at my blog as the source of my year review.. There were a lot of great moments. Times where the smiles out weighed the times where I wanted to cry… So the year on a whole was okay..

It is time to make the next chapter of this book better..




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